"Since I have you here, I will try to express my feelings. It seems silly because sending you a "thank you" note seems so petty for what you have done. Words can not even begin to express the extreme gratitude that we have for you. After a decade of infertility and 12 failed pregnancies we have had so much heartache and loss. I truly became to believe that being a parent was not in the stars for us. Then, we met you. You changed our lives. I literally have tears on my cheeks as I write this. You will never truly realize the full impact of what you do for people. You are able to bring women together that want to help other women realize the ultimate reward of womanhood - being a mother. You help form little lives that are truly miracles. When I look at our daughter and think of all of the orchestration that went into bringing her here, how many people helped and were involved, it is truly unbelievable. Thank you a million times over!!" (JQ, Michigan)

A Donor’s Experience

Two days before my 23rd birthday I donated 26 eggs to a couple I don’t know and will never know. "But why?" As a donor, I wish I was better prepared to answer this question because describing your willingness to "sell" a piece of you is tough.

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Are your donors pre-screened?
Our donors have all spent at least 2 hours of intense interview time with us in addition to psychological testing. When we bring a candidate to you they are completely ready to be matched and able to continue on with the medical portion of the program.

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Active Donor Profile

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