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Dear Recipient:

I know that choosing egg donation is a huge step in pursuing a family. I have worked with hundreds of couples struggling with this issue. I welcome your questions, comments and concerns. For anyone considering egg donation as an option, I offer a free phone consultation where we can talk in-depth about the process. During this conversation, I can answer any questions you may have, explain my services and it will give you the opportunity to schedule a meeting with me at the fertility clinic you are working with.

Mitzi Heineman, M.S.W.

All recipient couples are using a designated donor through EDPM are charged the following:

  1. Consultation with the Egg Donor Coordinator and the founder of Egg Donor Program of Michigan, Mitzi Heineman, M.S.W. At this meeting – which can be at your doctor’s office or at my office - you will see a complete list of EDPM’s existing potential donors.
  2. Recruitment of donor, advertising, application, mailing, review medical, physical and family history; interview and follow-up counseling with donor; Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III (psychological testing) - $1,800.00
  3. Health insurance for donor
  4. Donor Compensation is capped at - $6,000.00

A Donor’s Experience

Two days before my 23rd birthday I donated 26 eggs to a couple I don’t know and will never know. "But why?" As a donor, I wish I was better prepared to answer this question because describing your willingness to "sell" a piece of you is tough.

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Are your donors pre-screened?
Our donors have all spent at least 2 hours of intense interview time with us in addition to psychological testing. When we bring a candidate to you they are completely ready to be matched and able to continue on with the medical portion of the program.

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